with peace of mind

Why House Eval?


Our inspectors do more than conduct a thorough, objective evaluation of a home’s condition. They are equally dedicated to protecting your reputation and your client’s interests. That’s why all House Eval inspectors carry Professional Liability Insurance, so you’re not liable for damages. During inspections, we educate and inform home sellers and homebuyers along every step of the process. House Eval also delivers on-site inspection reports for faster closings. Simply put, our inspectors are thorough, professional, and will help make your job easier by providing excellent customer service.


Many home inspectors in the industry have little or no experience in building, design or remodeling. We are experienced and educated in every area that pertains to a home or commercial building. My personal education and experience includes:

• Bachelors degree in Construction Management from The University of Akron
• 20+ years experience in new construction, design, and remodeling
• Past Instructor at Lakeland CC and Auburn Career Center in the Construction Management course of study
• Completed the Home Inspection Master Course From the American Home Inspectors Training Institute
• Completed the Home Inspectors National Exam
• Completed the Radon Measurement and Testing course from HomeSpection Training Institute
• State Licensed Radon Measurement Contractor (license #RT1310)